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Tips to improve local SEO

  Create Google my business account To improve your local SEO , you have to do the first step is to create a google my business account. And also create a website to get the best result.  Give accurate information about your business. Encourage the customer to review your business. Give your brand logo, product service, payment method. Respond to the customer reviews Post content, image, offer related to your business.   Get reviews from a happy customer .   It is essential to get a review from our regular customer. It is a way to reach the who does not know about your business. They may get trust from the review when you got a positive review of the product or brand. Ask a review to your customer after purchasing. Send post-purchase SMS or Email to the customer to get a review. And also, this is important to respond to the review.   Create effective content   The content of the product tells all about the product. So make the effective content

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